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TEFOL certification

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At last I completed my TESOL. It was challenging for me as an International.


Compact Hospitals ? How


How  is the relationship between audit, accreditation and quality efforts? I am trying to enrich that diagram. I positioned the quality pyramid to middle(you are seeing it from top now-it was the subject of previous post)

It is really a challenging question. Because answers are quite diversified.

Every discipline has own followers and own professionals. Usually people like what they do and become enemy to the others. Accreditation is remedy of all sort of diseases for someone, Lean is the last model for some others. Internal auditing is the only essential task for auditing. … and critics: ISO is outdated, Internal audit is costly and useless, lean doesn’t suit hospitals, innovation is something which can only come from Japan or Harvard.  Read more of this post

Quality pyramid of hospitals



Your hospital must be somewhere in that pyramid. Else you can name it as low quality, high cost hospital

  • You need to have a quality assurance at the bottom.
  • Then you will have to improve your processes continuously
  • If your project includes something new, then you may name this as “innovation”
  • If you have no standard and if you don’t have an accreditation which can serve your assurance, then you should evaluate yourself as “BAD” and you must start to care for QUALITY

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Blog link and web site for quality gurus and lean

A fellow blog with quality passion. Congrats to blogger. For this post for Deming 14 points and others


Professional quality web site about quality gurus with videos, texts…


For lean (detailed)


Flow chart shapes

Flow chart shapes http://www.rff.com/flowchart_shapes.htm