Survey on technical efficiency

That survey is about technical efficiency contains a brief for measurement of efficiency, DEA and stockhastic frontier. (See: Figure 1 for performance context)


Reasons for measuring efficiency pages 10-11

Why the interest in measuring efficiency and productivity? We can think of three reasons. First, only by measuring efficiency and productivity, and by separating their effects from those of the operating environment so as to level the playing field, can we explore hypotheses concerning the sources of efficiency or productivity differentials. Identification and separation of controllable and uncontrollable sources of performance variation is essential to the institution of private practices and public policies designed to improve performance. Zeitsch et al. (1994) provide an empirical application showing how important it is to disentangle variation in the operating environment (in this case customer density) from variation in controllable sources of productivity growth in Australian electricity distribution. Read more of this post

Cobb Douglas

There is a Cobb Douglas Production Function applet.

Article writing (step by step)

That is a paper writing story. For totally myself… (I wish I had written more official)

First: how did we reach to dependent and independents? We multiplied prices (SUT-social security agency) of transactions with number of transactions. (A B C D type operations, imaging, inpatient, outpatient…) Then combined them. They became output score of hospitals, so independent variable. We had got only icu bed numbers and occupancy rates so we derived it from:

number of icu beds X 365 days X occupancy rate     

At first our independent variables were (25 variable): Read more of this post