Identifying tradable medical procedures

Countries that have motive (to be sure which treatment they’ll invest to) to be medical tourism destinations and patients (before decision of a care abroad) must know these criteria’s. (editor)

The first step is to identify the medical procedures that are clear candidates for consumption abroad. It is only for surgeries that the cost savings are likely to be large enough to cover the cost of travel.

set of criteria:

(1) The surgery constitutes treatment for a nonacute condition;

(2) the patient is able to travel without major pain or inconvenience;

(3) the surgery is fairly simple and commonly performed with minimal rates of postoperative complications;

(4) the surgery requires minimal follow-up treatment on site;

(5) the surgery generates minimal laboratory and pathology reports; and

(6) the surgery results in minimal postprocedure immobility.

How Health Insurance Inhibits Trade In Health Care (Aaditya Mattoo and Randeep Rathindran)

I can add one more: The treatment which has lower risk of malpractice.