Quality pyramid of hospitals



Your hospital must be somewhere in that pyramid. Else you can name it as low quality, high cost hospital

  • You need to have a quality assurance at the bottom.
  • Then you will have to improve your processes continuously
  • If your project includes something new, then you may name this as “innovation”
  • If you have no standard and if you don’t have an accreditation which can serve your assurance, then you should evaluate yourself as “BAD” and you must start to care for QUALITY

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Six sigma and Lean

Six Sigma Lean
Objective Deliver value to customer Deliver value to customer
Theory Reduce variation Remove waste
Focus Problem focused Flow focused
  Assumptions A problem existsFigures and numbers are valuedSystem output improves if variation in all processes inputs is reduced Waste removal will improve business performanceMany small improvements are better than system analysis


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From craft to lean: production

Focus Task Product Customer
Operation Single Items Batch and queue Synchronized flow and pull
Overall Aim Mastery of craft Reduce cost and increase efficiency Eliminate waste and add value
Quality Integration(part of the craft) Inspection(a second stage after production) Inclusion(built in by design and methods)


Customization Economics of scale and automation Flexibility and adaptability
Improvement Master-driven continuous imrovement Expert-driven periodic improvement Worker-driven continuous improvement