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Turkey reforms and hospital sector

Turkey has a constantly improving trend in many indicators like life expectancy, infant mortality and density of physicians and nurses in last decade, although it still ranks last or among the worst compared with other OECD countries.[1] Reforms within the context of the Health Transformation Program that is implemented after 2003 like integration of security schemes under the Social Security Institution(SSK), transfer of  SSK health facilities to the MoH, performance-based supplementary payment system (P4P), implementation of family medicine are being counted effective on that trend.[2] Read more of this post

Organization of Emergency services after 663 amendment

I presented in 2011 at Health and Hospital Administration Congress, October, 2011. Thanks to Prof.Enver AYDOĞAN for his mentorship in this first good experience. Following is abstract 

The aim of this study is the assessment of the situation which shall arise from decree law on the organizational form of the organization of emergency health services and the Decree in Force on Law no. 663 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliates.

It is predicted that upon the new structure, founding General Directorate of Emergency Health Services (ASHGM) shall increase employment and the quality of employees therefore increase the power of decision making.

However, when duties of ASHGM on decree is examined it can be seen that all university hospitals, private hospitals and hospitals working under the Ministry of Health are far from coordination, operation and organization objective in all stages of prehospital emergency care and emergency care after hospitalization and that this can be the underlying reason for disruption on emergency health services. Read more of this post