Improve proccesses. How?

If  your information based on a wrong system, you can’t reach solution with a simulation system or other decision support systems. If your paradigm and mind-set don’t work properly or if you don’t know what is going on in your business  IT systems can’t help you. You must have critical thinking attitude(attention for difference from criticism). Sometimes your need may be a paradigm shift. You must ask WHY although everyone see the situation so normal. You must determine interlinks, interdependencies, interrelations, interactions in system and find the answers of two Goldratt questions (What to change and What to change to) The best consultant is the one who makes organisation think with his well constructed questions.

If you want to improve organisation process, yo have to;

Choose a wise project (by asking needs of organisation, small-or fisible to divide-, discrete, noncomplex) and find areas of improvement is crucial. 

Have information about interdependencies, interrelations, interactions in system and map the processes that are related(not all the process: you can’t do it; it is useless, it is a time waster) 

Ask WHY until reaching the answer of  “What is happening, What are consequences, What can be done…

Willingness and sponsorship of organisation and managers has key importance. If you don’t have that support, don’t start work.

Produce your own measures and evaluate the progress with them if possible.   Decide what data must be captured and be certain about the questions of “Why am I measuring this and What will that data say to me”   Don’t make useless measurements. Measure relevant and linked ones. 

Looking to the problem from global perspective-approach must be difference of consultant.


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