Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Grid

Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Grid

I decided to add some important photos to that portfolio. This is the first one.


IPA papers

Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) first proposed by Martilla and James (1977) was to provide management the insights to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company. After determining the importance and performance of some criterias: They are locating that criterias to IPA GRID which has possible overkill, keep up to good work, low priority and concantrate here parts.

 Qu, H., Li, L., & Chu, G. K. T. (2000). The comparative analysis of Hong Kong as an international conference destination in southeast Asia. Tourism Management, 21 (6), 643–648.

Medical tourism as a sub type of tourism may be studied with tourism management tools. I had to look that literature for that reason.

1. to evaluate the perceived limitations of holding large conferences in Hong Kong;

2. to identify the site selection criteria were perceived as important by conference end-users, organizers, and Directors of Sales/Marketing;

3. to find out the significant differences among conference end-users, organizers and Directors of Sales Marketing in their ratings of the importance of site selection criteria;

4. to explore the significant differences in satisfaction levels on site selection criteria between Hong Kong and Singapore. Read more of this post