Quality pyramid of hospitals



Your hospital must be somewhere in that pyramid. Else you can name it as low quality, high cost hospital

  • You need to have a quality assurance at the bottom.
  • Then you will have to improve your processes continuously
  • If your project includes something new, then you may name this as “innovation”
  • If you have no standard and if you don’t have an accreditation which can serve your assurance, then you should evaluate yourself as “BAD” and you must start to care for QUALITY

Lean is a business discipline which leads innovation and improvement. Six sigma is a tool for improving processes.

Lean deals with “value” Value is:

  • Something(good or service) which people has a willingness to pay for. (if you have a imaging service for diagnosis)
  • Something changes you as a patient (I came with tooth ache and dentist filled)
  • Something done right for first time (Dentist who makes filling to same tooth can not charge the second. Second one is “waste” for him)

Your processes must be smooth. You need to get rid of wastes in your process. Patient starts to his journey in register and be released after service. The things that can not be called as “value” can be called as “waste”. If you can eliminate this wastes and minimize them and maximize your values, you may have better quality, better patient safety level with lower cost.

Leans improves processes one by one in Kaizen way. Solving problems must not be thought together lean. Lean makes processes better, but problem fixing makes the process “fit to standards”


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