Create a standart info source

from USAID Jordan Medical report


Create a source of information that can be tied to specific internet web searches and lead to a general source of information regarding Jordan and the medical specialties and affordable quality care. This information can then be shared with important travel and international insurers who are interested in “centers of excellence” for targeted populations.
Include information on medical malpractice, insurance policies available in different countries that could be used for international medical treatment, signed international treaties in the country as well as insurance available to cover complications of a medical procedure performed cross border. Read more of this post

MT Value Proposition

from USAID Jordan Medical report

Messaging and marketing require Value Proposition and targeted distribution

The messaging and marketing for each tier and segment is variable, therefore it is important to adequately evaluate the potential in each segment, and list the required steps to penetrate each market space. Specifically, which marketing strategies will effectively navigate the most potential members into Jordan for treatment, and how a positive message be crafted to encourage positive feedback. Read more of this post

Effective Distribution Channels

To produce reliable data that can be used by academicians, researchers and consulting companies is crucial. If you have a comparable quality, patient flow, hospital and cost data for your country then you can be subject of studies. For Turkey we haven’t a good and current data base for medical tourism and articles-papers about medical tourism in Turkey is really not enough. First quote is for that issue. Forth bullet is for that too.

Than from USAID Jordan Medical report effective distribution channels. Read more of this post