Red bead game for better understanding Deming

The RED BEAD Experiment is a tool that allows workers and managers and customers to unite using a common language to find ways to treat each other with respect; get beyond the old biases and to work as a team.


The result will be to find the red bead problems that are the causes of their: rework; the wasted effort; and the changes in mind that take away our profit; our worker satisfaction and push good customers away to look for another supplier!

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Deming’s 14 points

14 Points are fundamentals of  Deming philosophy. I added from a web page. It must be detailed one by one and must be implemented from family to corporation, from company to government. I don’t evaluate quality approach as a management philosophy. It is more than than. It is a way of life.

Create a constant purpose toward improvement.
Plan for quality in the long term.

Resist reacting with short-term solutions.

Don’t just do the same things better – find better things to do.

Predict and prepare for future challenges, and always have the goal of getting better.

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