Why doesn’t insurance firms want to insure Medical Tourism?

There is some concerns of Insurance firms(for USA) some of whom are really important. If countries can have reactive policies to these, potential of MT can be greater. Malpractice responsibility insurance is one of them and accreditation is another. But we must know  that all of these may increases costs and can take competitiveness of countries.

First paragraph is about ensuring equitable access. If your country can guarantee equity to access between health tourist and destination country citizen. Than, MT may be sustainable and more successful. Most effective advertisement-marketing message to health tourist is: “we care our citizens in same standarts” Because of quality is a “culture” and because of a hospital can not be high quality alone. It’s so important. (editor)


There is a real danger that the increased foreign demand could raise domestic prices and thus accentuate these inequalities.25 health care capacity (especially private capacity) in destination countries need not remain fixed but is likely to expand as increased foreign demand leads to greater domestic and foreign investment.


Possible Reasons For Denying Coverage For Overseas Care

  • Insurers’ concerns about quality of overseas providers and malpractice law: A consumer’s decision to receive care from low-cost overseas providers could prove costly to the insurer if the treatment worsens health problems and the insurer is obliged to cover the costs of subsequent treatment. The insurer also might be concerned that malpractice could occur in a foreign jurisdiction where the legal regime makes it difficult to sue providers.
  • Cost of monitoring health care consumption abroad.
  • Increased costs for the public health care system: One possible concern today is the cost of providing coverage to the sizable number of U.S. retirees who live abroad and do not benefit from Medicare. The decision by some consumers to obtain treatment abroad could again increase costs for those who cannot travel.

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