News for HFZs of Turkey

Following news is from Hurriyet Daily. With many other advantages Health Free Zones may be a way of recruiting abroad educated Turkish health professionals. They can be one of ways to reserve brain drain. (MSY)

Turkey’s Health Ministry revealed the details of a new initiative to turn the country into a destination for health tourism in the region by instituting a network of “health free zones” throughout the country.

The plan aims to attract entirely foreign firms to invest in facilities in the zones by promising minimal red tape, the ministry’s head of the Medical Tourism Department told the Hürriyet Daily News in a recent written statement.

The health zones, which will be designated for “health tourism,” will create a new concept in the sector, according to the ministry. “Operator firms will be free from many taxes such as the Social Security Institution (SSI) premium, corporate income and value added taxes,” the official said. Read more of this post


Turkey Health Free Zones

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Presentation of MoH Turkey Department of Health Tourism

 Aim of Health Free Zones

– To improve health tourism in Turkey,

– To increase foreign investment,

– To increase employment and attract brain drain,

– To train more international health personnel (such as   University and R&D) Read more of this post