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Six Sigma definitions from different PhD dissertations

“The strategy that provides companies with a series of interventions and statistical tools that can lead to breakthrough profitability and quantum gains in quality, whether a company’s products are goods or services.” (Harry, M., and Schroeder, R. (2006). Six sigma: the breakthrough management strategy revolutionizing the world’s top corporations, Crown Business.)

The word Sigma is a statistical term that measures how far a given process deviates from the mean, which represents perfection. (Isa, Mohsen F. Mohamed, “Quality Modeling And Improvement Of University Facilities Services Using Six-Sigma – A Case Study On Wayne State University Fpm Services” (2013).Wayne State University Dissertations. Paper 5.) Variation in processes is defined as any quantifiable difference between individual measurements; such differences can be classified as being due to common causes (random), or special causes (assignable) Beady, S. (Fall 2005). “Waste On War.” Master in Quality Assurance, California State University Dominguez Hills.. Read more of this post

Online Programs: model for continuing education ?

Care Coordination Institude has a six sigma program to improve quality of healthcare in South Carolina. Also researchs, posters, presentations about healthcare quality can be reached from that web site.

Another one is University of South Carolina Continuing Education Program in Public Health Practice (CEPPHP). It serves as an online program about Public Health basics.

That type of initiatives can help quality professionals of Turkey health sector if it can be prepared and required without charge.

Edit: I found one another. It’s also free and quite beneficial.


Process mapping guide

Process mapping is a joyful step of quality improvement if you have sufficient tools and if you know how to do. This link is quite helpful to learn about but practicing is the best way of learning.

Quality web site excellent quality information source with free courses, videos, handbooks and other valuable materials. Thanks to builders of web site for contributing better understanding of quality

Deming’s 14 points

14 Points are fundamentals of  Deming philosophy. I added from a web page. It must be detailed one by one and must be implemented from family to corporation, from company to government. I don’t evaluate quality approach as a management philosophy. It is more than than. It is a way of life.

Create a constant purpose toward improvement.
Plan for quality in the long term.

Resist reacting with short-term solutions.

Don’t just do the same things better – find better things to do.

Predict and prepare for future challenges, and always have the goal of getting better.

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Efficiency, Effectiveness, Efficacy ?


  • Effectiveness is the extent to which planned outcomes, goals, or objectives are achieved as a result of an activity, strategy, intervention or initiative intended to achieve the desired effect, under ordinary circumstances (not controlled circumstances such as in laboratory).
    Example: A vaccine is effective when it is capable to produce the desired effect (protection against disease) in the population, under ordinary circumstances.
  • Being effective means achieving organizational goals. Being efficient means achieving goals with little wasted resources. Effectiveness comes first.


  • Efficiency is the ratio of the output to the inputs of any system. An efficient system or person is one who achieves higher levels of performance (outcome, output) relative to the inputs (resources, time, money) consumed. 
    Examples: Worker A moved 16 boxes from the truck to the store in one hour and worker B moved 9 boxes in one hour. Worker A is more efficient than worker B. Car T uses 10 gallons to travel 150 miles, car F uses 13 gallons to travel 150 miles. Car T is more fuel efficient than car F.


  • Efficacy is the extent to which a specific intervention, procedure, or service produces the desired effect, under ideal conditions (controlled environment, lab circumstances). Efficacy = Effectiveness. Only the circumstance.
    Example: The efficacy of vaccine A was achieved under ideal lab circumstances, yet, its effectiveness needs to be shown.”efficiency = efficacité et effectiveness = bon fonctionnement”

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