Guaspari’s Quality guide

I read “I know it when I see it: A Modern Fable About Quality”  John Guaspari, 1985

It was interesting book about questions: what is quality, what to do to improve quality and which steps cant improve quality.

Customer could not define quality exactly but said “I know it when I see it”

Boss and his men tried to improve quality and examined followings;

1- Managers said to workers “try harder, do better”. But they were doing already their best. So nothing happened

2- They tried more inspection. But that didn’t improve quality. It just focused on spotting mistakes after they’d already been made

3-They changed their mind sets at last from inspection to prevention.

At last they reached;

1- Quality is a matter of survival

2-Quality may not be free, but it’s a lot less expensive than the alternatives

3-Quality is everyone’s job but it’s management’s responsibility

4-Most quality problems are built into the system: People want to do high quality work and they do if the system let them to do. Then management must improve system

5-The first step toward improving system is to get good data about what needs fixing

6-The second step toward improving system is moving from inspection mind-set to prevention mind-set


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