Project diagnostic and a thesis

You must choose the true project initially. Procces diagnostic is the most important part of procces improvement.

Questions as (What happened, Why, What are the consequences and What can be done) must be asked to participants (workers, managers…) and tables that contains must be made. With that way you can find the linkages between the procceses (It seems fishing net repairing. we can find intersecting ropes and  solve them) You must find your limits before you start to map the procces. If we define procces interlinked, interdependent, inter relating and interacting we must find the core of problem and find related areas. Delays, areas needed technology and bottlenecks must be determined.

That determination cant be made by yourself. You must ask everyone related. You can’t map all the organisation’s entire procces. That may last very long time and nobody may use it possibly. You must ask workers about possible problem areas and choose project wisely. (1) Project must not be big. It must be small and concrete (2) Project must not be complex. It must be plain (3) If fisible you must divide it and create bite sized projects.

procces improvement is not so that hard. You can determine the problem area and improve it but looking to problem with aglobal approach is crucial. Your procces improvement and efficiency increase in unit level may cause a bottleneck (so it may be useless or it may be harmfull, while we anticipate better result)

Web site of Operation Management proffesor

Link of dissertation which is written after a field research by Mr.Singh. Must read



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