Turkey Health Free Zones

From that LINK www.saglikturizmi.gov.tr/uploads/7155232-en_uluslararasi-sunum.pptx

Presentation of MoH Turkey Department of Health Tourism

 Aim of Health Free Zones

– To improve health tourism in Turkey,

– To increase foreign investment,

– To increase employment and attract brain drain,

– To train more international health personnel (such as   University and R&D)

– To accelerate high health technology entry,

– To make Turkey an attraction center on Health in the world,

– To establish a well developed and example health tourism   destination.

Advantages of Health Free Zones

– It is being planned to provide service for foreign patients,

– There will be many tax advantages for investors (Social   Security premium, VAT, etc.),

– There will be cheap infrastructure and investment for the   investor,

During application and operation periods, all kinds of   bureaucracy will be minimized,

– All local and global investors will equally benefit from   free zone incentives and advantages,

– Some of regulations may not be applied in the HFZs,

– There may be 100% foreign investors,

– Personnel (doctors, nurses, etc.) who do not speak   Turkish can be employed.

– It will be close to an international airport.
Possible Investments to Health Free Zones

– Health institutions such as Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers,

– Thermal tourism facilities,

– Retired community villages / Wellness Resorts,

– Health Villages (Hospitals, Universities, R&D centers, Social   Complexes, Sport Areas, etc.),

– University and health academies

– Health Technocity,


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