MT Value Proposition

from USAID Jordan Medical report

Messaging and marketing require Value Proposition and targeted distribution

The messaging and marketing for each tier and segment is variable, therefore it is important to adequately evaluate the potential in each segment, and list the required steps to penetrate each market space. Specifically, which marketing strategies will effectively navigate the most potential members into Jordan for treatment, and how a positive message be crafted to encourage positive feedback.

While we have explored critical components of successful medical tourism destinations being cost, quality and environments that are culturally accommodating, individual hospitals need to evaluate where they fit in the market and how they will compete. So far the identified market segments are broad. Successful marketing in niche markets requires hospital- specific value propositions as well as targeted distribution channels.

Having identified the sources of potential patients into Jordan in this section, the value proposition and guidelines to increase transparency (and level of comfort receiving care in Jordan), and prospective distribution channels can be explored.


for medical care in Jordan needs to: support an excellent reputation in patient safety, ensure strong due diligence of partners, and provide standards of practice that will allay any concerns about the transitions of care. The purpose of this chapter is to outline the general flow of medical tourism and to provide guidelines to help manage expectations by introducing due diligence processes, increasing information regarding medical malpractice and insurance options, as well as patient monitoring post treatment.


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