Effective Distribution Channels

To produce reliable data that can be used by academicians, researchers and consulting companies is crucial. If you have a comparable quality, patient flow, hospital and cost data for your country then you can be subject of studies. For Turkey we haven’t a good and current data base for medical tourism and articles-papers about medical tourism in Turkey is really not enough. First quote is for that issue. Forth bullet is for that too.

Than from USAID Jordan Medical report http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PNADT053.pdf effective distribution channels.


Additionally, a centralized database tracking reasons for traveling for medical care as well as seven and 30 day follow-up will be critical to successful publishing of quality outcomes data suitable for scientific magazines.



Step 1: Pursue a market analysis with the Scandinavian public sector groups to present a value proposition for publicly insured receiving medical spa treatments in Jordan. (This is similar to the approach taken in Germany)

Step 2: Evaluate Russia links with the insurance and reinsurance community regarding life insurance riders or complications policies for “medical tourist” procedures.

Step 3: Further contacts with Arab Associations in the US and Canada to consider/create a value proposition for individuals culturally comfortable with Jordan and in need of quality medical care at reduced costs.

Step 4: Request Companion Global (related to Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina) to assess the Joint Commission accredited hospitals in Jordan for potential inclusion in its’ network. The results of this analysis will provide feedback on the ability to attract top tier US patients.

Step 5: Create a standard information source for Jordan tied to internet web searches where quality messages on the level of care in Jordan can be researched. This portal can also include statistics on the demographics and medical outcomes which can be used as a foundation of an economic study of medical tourism in Jordan (for eventual publication).

Step 6: Ensure compliance with US-specific issues by applying for American Medical Association (AMA) CPT Code Approval (explained and outlined in Section II and Annex 2), and creating a general understanding of  HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)  health requirements.


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