Create a standart info source

from USAID Jordan Medical report


Create a source of information that can be tied to specific internet web searches and lead to a general source of information regarding Jordan and the medical specialties and affordable quality care. This information can then be shared with important travel and international insurers who are interested in “centers of excellence” for targeted populations.
Include information on medical malpractice, insurance policies available in different countries that could be used for international medical treatment, signed international treaties in the country as well as insurance available to cover complications of a medical procedure performed cross border.
To further the image of Jordan as a rigorous healthcare environment, collect information on the foreigners receiving care in Jordan, including:
a. Patient demographics, source of interest in medical tourism, insurance coverage, and pre-admission checklist
b. Collect information on the home provider and possible follow-up issues when the patient returns home
c. Outline trip and concierge information to be organize (or done by a local facilitator)
d. Provide surgeon background to the patient including full disclosure of how many surgeries were performed, complication rate, history of pharmaceutical errors resulting in complications, any deaths or injuries resulting in legal action, specific board certifications and credentials, any corrective actions by any credentialing board, and evidence of liability or malpractice insurance.
e. Ensure that the proposed medical plan has been reviewed by the patient, facilitator (if applicable) and the surgeon
f. Follow up on test results and documentation for the home provider
g. Complete discharge planning and patient education


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