American medical tourist

Who is medical tourist of America?  There is a study about it. A Survey of Consumers’ Perceptions toward Medical Tourism (2011 study) By Lydia L. Gan and James R. Frederick

This paper identified demographic groups who are likely to participate in medical tourism and further identified three components (risk-related, social-related, vacation-related) that explain their motivation to travel abroad for treatment. Provided 522 samples. (1) The uninsured, low-income, and Black consumers are more sensitive to risk-related factors than the well-insured, middle- to high- income groups, and white consumers; (2) The older and the married consumers are more motivated by socialrelated factors than the young adults aged 18-21 and single (never married); (3) Surprisingly, the more proficient one is in a foreign language, the less one is motivated by social-related factors. This study can help medical tourism agents to refine their marketing strategies and the employers and insurance companies to better partner with foreign healthcare providers to encourage participation in medical tourism.


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