Characteristics of medical tourists from England

If you want to attract medical tourist as a country, you must have information about all the country tourist’s characteristics and you have to improve strategies for that countries. Policy making requires “knowledge” at first step. This is report of “treatmentabroad” (Editor’s Note).

  1. It’s not simple it’s very complex. Survey is for 1.045 people, from 74 countries to 78 countries for more than 100 treatments. 55 percent of them is from UK
  2. UK medical tourism about self pay (ıt must be a result of social health system of UK. Citizen can access to healthcare with insurance EN)
  3. 36 percent spend on tourism 4.000 sterlin or more. 39 percent 2.000-4.000
  4. It’s about cosmetic(%42), dental(%32) and obesity(%9), infertility(%4) and orthopedy (%4)
  5. It’s cross border, ıt’s regional, ıt’s not global (Belgium, Spain, Poland, Czech, Hunhary and Turkey)
  6. It’s not about price (Quality of doctor, dentist(%89)  Quality of Facility(%85) and Price (%81)
  7. I’s not just about the treatment (LOS is important)
  8. It’s scary because 53 percent first visit and 41 percent goes treatment alone
  9. Contact on return (26 percent no contact, 55 percent email, 17 percent phone)
  10. Industry could be doing a better job 6.2 percent quite dissatisfied, 8.3 very dissatisfied


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