Magnitude of MT market

What is the estimated number of medical tourists and revenue of countries? This is a big question mark which is variable with definition. For Turkey the case is not different. Wellnes and spa, tourist’s emergency healthcare and medical tourism is not be separated in data, unfortunately.  (editor)

In 2004 alone, around 150,000 foreigners visited India for treatment [13]. A study by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) states that India’s potential in this field is so lucrative that it can become a USD 2.3 billion business by 2012. According to one estimate [Research Professor Rupa Chanda, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore] medical tourism is expected to fetch an impressive USD 4 trillion on a worldwide scale [14]. A World Trade Organization (WTO) study — conducted in Thailand, Malaysia, Jordan, Singapore and India–concluded that the number of medical travellers to these 5 countries alone was almost 1.3 million persons in the year 2003, collectively earning almost USD 1 billion in treatment costs. Medical travel expenditure in these five countries is growing at the rate of above 20 per cent every year [14]. According to Giuseppe Tattara, a professor of economic policy, in recent years, due to profitability, “more and more investors see the health sector as a good proposition” [12].

Globalisation of birth markets: a case study of assisted reproductive technologies in India Nadimpally Sarojini,  1 Vrinda Marwah,1 and Anjali Shenoi


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