Academic studies about MT for IVF

There are a lot of papers about IVF treatments. As a more official definition Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) had been subject to a lot of academic studies. Some of them are abut regulations, prohibitions etc. (In Turkey some ART procedures are illegal. Gamete donation, ) But there is a lot of study about economic aspect of ART too. (editor) 

Globalisation of birth markets: a case study of assisted reproductive technologies in India Nadimpally Sarojini1 Vrinda Marwah,1 and Anjali Shenoi1 

  • This paper presents a brief picture of India’s fertility industry with specific focus on its ground-level operation, nature and growth. It aims to explore the industry dimensions of ARTs, by highlighting the macro picture of health care markets and medical tourism in India, the proliferation of the ART industry, market features such as the social imperative to mother, costs, promotion and marketing, unverified claims, inflated success rates, deals and offers, actors and collaborations in the field, and finally, the absence of standards.

A population based economic analysis of cross-border payments for fertility services in Luxembourg Christopher A. Jones,1,3,4 Louis G. Keith,2,3 Valery Bocquet,1 Jacques Arendt,4 Jean Smit,5 Guy Berchem,1 and  Marie-Lise Lair1 (There is table of IVF treatments and country population comparison in that paper -editor)

  • How fertility patients utilize assisted reproductive services can depend on how easy it is to access such services locally. Little data exist to document the extent of economic outflow that accompanies cross-border patient travel specifically for medical procedures that cannot be obtained in country.

Decisive factors in medical tourism destination choice: A case study of Isfahan, Iran and fertility treatments Farhad Moghimehfar (There are surveys to know about decisive factors on IVF destination.)


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